Brief Introduction

Brief Introduction
Chongqing Science & Technology Museum is one of the ten key social and cultural infrastructure projects determined by Chongqing municipal Party committee and government. It is a grand, modern, comprehensive, and multi-functional venue open to the public for the popularization of science education. It is a basic facility essential to the strategy of revitalizing Chongqing through science and education, and to the effort of improving the scientific and cultural awareness of the citizens. The museum is situated at the core of Jiangbeizui CBD of Chongqing at the confluence of the Jialing River and the Yangtze River. Its ground-breaking ceremony was held on January 7, 2006, and its official construction got under way…[Detail]
The IMAX 3D huge-screen theatre
The IMAX 3D huge-screen theatre, with a global screen of 16m high, 22m wide, and 36.8m diametrical, can hold as many as 278 viewers at the same time. It is characterized by huge screen, clear picture, high fidelity, extraordinary power of projection equipment, and a six-channel multi-horn acoustic …[Detail]
The 4D dynamic theatre
The 4D dynamic theatre has 60 seats, including some exclusive ones for the disabled. Through the application of sound, light, and electricity technologies and the special effect of the four-dimensional system, the theatre makes a good use of some special-effect equipment for blowing, raining, lightning…[Detail]
Zone A of Chongqing Science and Technology Museum has 4 floors. It has a floor area of about 25000 m2 which contains permanent exhibition hall、temporary exhibition hall、4D theater and IMAX theater.
The permanent exhibition hall is distributed on second, third and fourth floors of the main building. With the theme of “Life ?Society ?Innovation”, Chongqing Science and Technology Museum has 6 themed exhibition halls and a special hall called Children’s Hall. The themed halls are respectively labeled as Life Hall, Disasters Defense Hall, Transport Hall, National Defense Hall, Astronomy Hall and Fundamentals Hall. The exhibits in the museum number more than 400 pieces or sets. It is an ideal place for visitors to feel the charm of science and technology and learn knowledge because these …[Detail]

Popular Science Education

As an important base for science popularization, Chongqing Science & Technology Museum is an enthusiastic initiator and promoter of “educational training” and “educational activities”. It offers specialized training programs for science popularization to the adolescents and attaches great importance to the systematic cultivation of their scientific thinking and hands-on ability. Meanwhile, adolescents-oriented activities for science popularization such as lectures, experiments of interest, seminars, contests, and summer/winter camps are held occasionally. As a high-end seminar for science popularization open and beneficial to the public, the “Science & Humanity” forum elaborately nursed by the museum invites intense public acclaim. The museum-owned caravan for the purpose of science popularization is on regular move to communities and schools, which offers an opportunity for the general mass to learn and enjoy science and technology for free.
    The museum also has quite a few specialized convention halls. The multifunctional hall on the second floor in Zone B of the museum has a seating capacity of 600, which is fit for scientific and cultural exchanges such as forum, academic report, debate, convention, and lecture.